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A love of story drives all the content Rollo produces. From large dramatic themes to discovering narratives within the smallest microcosms of life. Told with humility and humor, he creates cinematic and emotionally engaging films.

Having apprenticed under the maverick Director / DoP Chris Herd, Rollo went on to spend 7 years as a Director of Photography himself, working between the UK and the US on a range of award winning film, commercial and television productions.

As a director, his process involves deep research into his subject to discover the subtlest intricacies that will bring the narrative to life for the viewer, producing a lasting and emotive connection with the audience.

Stylistically, he describes himself as a ludic aesthete, finding visual wonder in the everyday. Choosing to base a lot of his work in a familiar reality, but accenting the viewers experience with subtle visual cues; Stop animation, motion graphics and unique camera work all add to create a rich and joyful exploration of our world.


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Previous Clients

• Nike
• Epson
• Barclays

• V&A